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  When your body is working optimally, it has the ability to heal itself. Trauma and other forms of interference, like chronic stress, diminish this natural capability. At Chiropractic for Prevention, our holistic and preventive treatments, such as spinal adjusting, can reduce that interference, heal your body, and restore its recuperative abilities. Our practice believes that good health is about achieving and maintaining optimal body performance.  
  At Chiropractic for Prevention, we provide healthcare from a different perspective. We honor a holistic approach, viewing each person as a unique entity with the capacity to heal his or her own self and return to a healthy state. Our purpose is to facilitate that process. Instead of merely focusing on treating symptoms, such as pain, we offer our clients chiropractic care and supportive therapies that promote wellness and prevention by going to the root cause of the imbalance. We provide care with the purpose of reducing stress, improving body function, and promoting balance to improve your quality of life. This is to ensure the connection between your natural healing power and the well-being of your body, mind, and spirit.

Once your pain is reduced and function restored, we then strive to attain wellness, more energy and better sleep quality. Our therapy techniques encourage healing by increasing blood flow, improving joint mobility and promoting relaxation. Our ultimate goal? A healthier, happier you!
  “Chiropractic care has reduced my
back pain and spasm.”
-Paul, Sales Rep.
  “I don’t suffer from headaches or neck stiffness anymore.”  
-Gwen, Interior Designer
  “I definitely sense an improvement in my energy and sleep quality.”  
-Katherine, Investment Banker

• Spinal Adjustments
• Massage Therapy
• Inversion
• Reflexology
• Reiki
• Intersegmental
• Hydromassage
• Electric Muscle
• Moist Heat
_& Cold Treatments
• Stretching
_& Therapeutic Exercise
• Ergonomic
_& Postural Consulting
• Nutritional Support
• Paraffin Wax Treatments


Treatment reduces muscle spasm,
stress, inflammation, and will
correct spinal misalignments
that can cause:

• Neck & Back Pain
• Reduced Joint Range of Motion
• Radiating Arm & Leg Pain (Sciatica)
• Spinal Degeneration
• Herniated Discs
• Failed Back Surgery
• Headaches

It is our mission to provide the attention and support needed to promote wellness.
To find out more about Chiropractic for
Prevention and how you can achieve a better quality of life and health contact
our office today!

Chiropractic, massage therapy, moist heat therapy, reflexology, exercise and stretching, paraffin therapy, hydromassage, reiki, ergonomics and posture, nutritional support.